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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services can help your business to Grow Exponentially – HOW?

Talented employees help to build great businesses. However, finding the right candidate is one of the major challenges faced by HR managers and recruiters. This is because recruitment is not just finding the job seekers, getting them to apply, and offering a suitable position. It involves many steps and following all is not only time-consuming but also stressful at times. SS33 understands that and thus we provide enterprises with a complete, end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing services (RPO solution). We have designed our recruitment process outsourcing services to integrate with your in-house recruitment team wchich will extend the scale, reach, and performance of your recruiting process. 

As one of the leading recruitment process outsourcing companies, SS33’s recruitment process outsourcing services transforms your ability to attract, retain, and manage the talent needed to achieve your mission. Our end-to-end recruitment solution is a complete recruitment process starting from getting a job order to finally onboarding the selected candidate. 

Our recruitment solution is tailored specifically to your organization. We assist with every facet of implementation and day-to-day execution so that you are set up to be successful. SS33 – Business Services’s recruitment end-to-end process consists of the following phases:

Preparation and Planning

A full-cycle recruiting strategy requires time to create a candidate persona and job description. We document the traits, skills, and other characteristics that align with the position you’re seeking to fill. The persona we create guides your entire recruitment process. Next, we help write a job description that attracts that persona giving details about salary, benefits, corporate culture, and values. 


Next comes sourcing the right candidate for the open position. In this step, our team of experts overlooks the skills of the candidates using the internal database helping you choose the best deserving candidates for any given job profile. 


After sourcing the right candidates from the data pool, we use an applicant tracking system (ATS). It includes automated screening to narrow down the candidates. With ATS, you get critical insights into your applicants’ personalities as well as it saves time as you can screen the candidates with the right skills and experience.  

Final Interview

Now, after shortlisting the potential candidates , it’s time to extend the offer and call in for the interview. We work as a mediator between the applicant and you. We take the interview and provide you the feedback of the candidate as per the job profile. 


Once the candidate is selected and accepted the job offer, then comes the onboarding. We help the new candidates know their job better, so they become comfortable in their new place. We prepare training for them to learn about company structure, culture, and values. 

What are the benefits of hiring our end to end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

The traditional IT staffing agencies and search firms operate outside your organizational perimeter. Where you do not have line-of-sight to the process or the ability to make meaningful decisions about inputs. Offshore recruitment from SS33 works closely with your organization. It keeps the process inside your operational structure, where you can benefit from data, tools, and insights that lead to better decisions.

Here are some of the recruitment process outsourcing benefits

· Reduced time and cost to hire,

· Hire quality talent,

· Provides accountability with detailed records,

· Allow staff to focus on core business goals,

· Analytic insights into hiring,

· Improved talent retention.

SS33 team understands your corporate environment and cultur. It knows the specific requirements you have for each position and the candidate you bring on board. We listen to your feedback and fine-tune our process to help you hire the best candidate every time.

If you’re unable to find the Perfect recruiting and feeling hopeless to access the best talent for your organization, the recruitment process outsourcing company is here for help. Schedule a call with our Support team and we’ll show you how savvy enterprises can level the 21st-century recruiting playing field.

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