Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support

If you need back-office support for your company, look no further, and get in touch with SS33 Business Services. To make sure that your business is functioning correctly, you need to have a robust back-office support services team that will silently do all the backend work for you. This is the reason why back-office service providers like us exist. 

SS33 Business Services provides an efficient back-office operation team that will become the backbone of the company. Our back-office support service is affordable, but we act as a support team on whom you can rely. 

  • We let you focus on your core operations while our back-office support team does the backend work. 
  • We provide professionals who come with years of experience and domain expertise. 
  • Our team is flexible and offers their work whenever you want them. 
  • You will get full access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. 
  • We offer our services at a highly affordable cost, and SS33 Business Services is always budget-friendly. 
  • You don’t need to worry about staff retention and acquisition. 

What type of back-office support solutions do we provide?

Payroll outsourcing: If you don’t want to occupy your time managing accounting and payroll services, give us a call because our payroll team can take care of your valuable resources and time. It is a myth that only large-scale companies need to have a payroll team. If you are a company dealing with services and products, you need to take care of payroll as well. Nowadays, start-ups and small-scale companies have understood the importance of payroll outsourcing service, and they are outsourcing this essential operation of their business. 

Data Entry: Everyone understands the need for data entry and how tedious the task can be. Your enterprise needs to take care of a lot of data entry work. However, you can outsource this vital part of your operations to us so that you can team up with good professionals. We provide you with the right amount of security that you need, and we are equipped with a robust infrastructure. You can use your core workforce to work on your enterprise’s main operations, while we take care of everything in the back. Data entry has a direct implication on your everyday operations, and we have the right team who can take care of it. 

Chat and phone operator Assistance: If your business deals with customers, you already know how important it is to have phone operators and chat assistants who will respond to your customers’ queries right away. This way, your operation will be available for everyone 24×7. We understand that you might need operator service throughout the day, and that’s why we extend our services 365 days a year and that too for 24×7. Now, create the right first impression that you should be offering your customers with quality customer service. 

Human Resource outsourcing: Your business needs to achieve the optimum quality of employee satisfaction. That goal can be achieved by having a quality human resource department with the right kind of human resource experts. You must outsource your HR requirement to a reliable company like us who will take care of performance management, leave management, compensation, auditing, hiring, and screening. We take care of the workflow, just the way you want, and build better company policies that your employees will feel comfortable with. 

SS33 Business Services provide end-to-end outsourcing back-office services that will streamline your backend requirements and needs. With SS33 Business Services, your enterprise will deal with A-level professionals who have the right domain expertise, will let you focus on core operations, and will help you manage your finances as well. 

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