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Planning for Post COVID-19: How Forward-Thinking Enterprises Can Position for The Future and Come Back Strong

It’s difficult for small to mid-size businesses to look ahead in this time of prevalent crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, almost all significant decisions, operations and activities are devoted to triage, emergency response & survival. In this case, planning ahead is a luxury that few small businesses have the organizational energy or scope to consider. Thus, our Back Office Solutions can be the way to grow your business!

Consequently, there will come a moment when this crisis comes to a peak. Afterward, it will begin to lessen, and business-as-(close to)-usual will anticipate to resume. On the other hand, small businesses that wait to prepare for the future will find itself already being left behind than more faster, agile, forward-looking competitors. In short, they already have strategies in place to successfully negotiate the post-COVID-19 environment.

Soon, being late to the recovery game can be a worse disaster than the pandemic itself.

So, how can your small business plan to come back strong when the opportunity is right? Here is what you need to know about positioning your enterprise for the post-Coronavirus market.

Coronavirus and the Impact on Small Business

In short, the full extent of the damage remains unclear. However, it’s a certainty that COVID-19 has been devastating for small businesses. The best case scenario for most is an unknown disruption that has destroyed revenues, upset planning and created anxiety about the future.Thus, many of them are confronted with an existential threat. In brief, no customers, extremely tight resources and limited ability to weather a protracted storm.

Furthermore, the post-COVID-19 environment threatens continued uncertainty and disruption. For example, most major national economies are already reporting recession conditions triggered by quarantine. Besides, stay-at-home orders, frozen supply chains & widespread business closures are the fuel to the fire. Lastly, recovery even in a post-crisis context appears uncertain at best, substantially troubled & liable to be hard.

Certainly, the road ahead for small businesses will be rocky no matter what. However, the journey can be made easier, more certain and more successful if planning for the future begins now.

There Will Be a Post-COVID-19 Future: How Entrepreneurs Transform Crisis into Opportunity

For the most part, planning for the future begins by understanding it. So then, what is the “new normal” for small and mid-size enterprises in a post-Coronavirus environment? Back Office Support from Home

The certainties include:-

  • MARKET SITUATION : Consequently, markets will face disruption in the aftermath of COVID-19, even after economies are reopened, customers return, and a vaccine is developed. Therefore, many businesses will not have survived the pandemic. Likewise, some people will be unwilling to return to business-as-usual. Damage from lost revenues, vanished business tenants and wobbly lenders will require time to heal. As a result, uncertainty and difficulty should be baked into your post-COVID-19 expectations and strategies.

  • CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT : Social distancing protocols are likely to persist indefinitely, at the very least until a vaccine is developed. It may come around 12-18 months distant. Therefore, entrepreneurs and small business owners cannot meet face-to-face with clients to close deals, gather support or strategize. Next, understand that your processes must undergo change and you’ll need to be flexible and agile in deploying new solutions.

  • OPPORTUNITY : In this case, the gradual shift toward remote work, where relevant, will accelerate. Generally, companies are already transitioning to remote work as a survival strategy. Thereby, they are making plans to make the shift permanent for many staff. They have realize sustainable benefits of cost savings (reduced office space and office expenses), broader scale (ability to access non-domestic talent), and employee satisfaction (many staff prefer to work at home if productivity is not impacted). Similarly, be ready to capitalize on accessing remote workers for operations.

  • GLOBALIZATION TO REGIONALIZATION : Global supply chains were exposed to the concentration of operations in problematic nodes by the pandemic. Thus, a move from Globalization toward Regionalization is underway. It is a risk that transformed overnight into a critical vulnerability. Beyond, businesses of all sizes will look to bring production and sourcing closer to end users by localizing their supply chains. In the same vein, look for ways you can accomplish the same moves.

That is to say, the world looks more uncertain after the pandemic, somewhat more distant and requiring new strategies to bridge gaps between individuals, enterprises and markets. So, what are the solutions small businesses require to remake connections and recover quickly with a will?

SS360 – Back Office Solutions for a Post-COVID-19 World

SS360 is a complete suite of back office solutions designed to help entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses hit the ground running when it’s time to get back to work. So then, use cloud platforms to build new bridges to the world, access global talent markets without being truly global in scope. Improve your flexibility and agility compared to competitors stuck in old modes of doing business. Hence, you can enjoy huge cost savings and no compromise in scope or performance by using SS33 as your offshore partner for back office solutions. Back Office Support Solutions

Free cloud-based software to connect you with online back office solutions : To Begin with, SS33 has a complete infrastructure of cloud-based software solutions designed to help small businesses compete in the post-COVID-19 context. Similarly, cloud environments offer the highest levels of security and versatility, without any compromise in capabilities.Thus, this is the ideal infrastructure for jump-starting your small business and recovering with speed, while competitors struggle to catch up.

End-to-end recruitment procesoutsourcing (RPO) : This solution is designed to extend the scale, reach and performance of your recruiting. In other words, access highest quality talent worldwide, hire faster with less cost, and use Big Data analytics to make better hiring decisions. SS33 collaborates closely and shares insights with your organization, analysis and decision making are kept inside your operational structure. Meanwhile, it creates ideal visibility into the process and allows you to make optimal hiring decisions.

Human resources enhancement :  Human resources can be a huge energy and cost drain, especially in a highly competitive and evolving environment. Above all, dedicated full-service human resources solutions from SS33 provide all the HR support you need. Hence, it allows you to focus on core business operations. To clarify, your enterprise enjoys relief from administrative resource drain, reduced liabilities and risk, improved staff satisfaction and engagement. It’s the perfect balance of cost and performance.

What’s the Bottom Line?

However, now in the midst of crisis, small business owners and entrepreneurs need to think ahead. Besides, they have to plan well and be aggressive in reducing costs by working with a partner like SS33 Business Services. You don’t need to lower your expectations of providing excellent customer service in order to compete. Particularly, you simply need to be a leader in deploying strategies, processes and technologies that leverage the new normal for businesses.

SS360 can help you make that leadership move. Take your first step toward finding opportunities in an uncertain market. Let’s begin a conversation about how you can compete better in the new normal. Lastly, our innovative solutions customized to help you to lead the way toward performance  & success in your markets.


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