Live company phone operator and chat assistant

Live Company Phone Operator and Chat Assistant

Customer service automation is a common business solution for enterprises, however more and more organizations are discovering that a live operator is not only affordable but also adds value and business benefits:

  • Extend office hours and availability
  • Provide higher quality service
  • Personalize customer experiences
  • Improve customer loyalty and engagement

There’s no better way to make a winning first impression than to connect with your customers with a real, courteous and responsive human being. Live Company Phone Operator service ensures every phone call is promptly answered during business hours, with additional 24/7 or emergency customer service if needed.

Chat is an increasingly preferred platform for customers to connect and our Chat Assistant solution can help you more efficiently manage simple inquiries, improve call deflection rates, improve sales rates and provide 24/7 availability in all circumstances. All potential customers are answered promptly and leads forwarded appropriately.

To learn more about how we can transform your customer service experience, schedule a call with our Support team – we look forward to helping your organization leverage superior customer service performance.

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